Advance Java Programming

Advance JAVA

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Course Description:

Advance Java means JEE. Jakarta Enterprise Edition(formerly Java EE )JEE is a collection of technologies and APIs for the Java platform designed to support Enterprise Applications. The Java EE platform provides runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure web applications.

Introduction to JEE

  • Overview of Static & Dynamic Web Applications
  • Understanding the terms :
  • • Deploy
  • • Domain
  • • Domain Name Server
  • • Hosting
  • Understanding Server and Browser
  • Understanding Helping Program and Dynamic Page
  • Java Container and Its Types
  • Java Server and Its Types
  • Understanding Public folder structure
  • Creating first Web Application

Jakarta Servlet(formerly Java Servlet)

  • Introduction to Servlet
  • Advantages of Servlet
  • Creating first Servlet based Web Application
  • Servlet LifeCycle
  • Understanding web.xml (Deployment Descriptor)
  • ServletRequest and ServletResponse Interface
  • GenericServlet Class
  • HttpServlet Class
  • Creating Web Application using JDBC

Servlet Collaboration

  • using sendRedirect() method
  • using RequestDispatcher interface

ServletConfig and ServletContext

  • Understanding role of ServletConfig and ServletContext

Scope Attributes

  • Setting and Getting scope attributes in
  • • ServletRequest
  • • ServletContext

Session Handling

  • Understanding the Session
  • Setting and Getting scope attributes in
  • • HttpSession
  • Handling the Session using HttpSession interface

Project Work


  • Understanding the Cookies
  • Setting and Getting the cookies
  • Working with cookies in browser

Passing Values

  • using Hidden Form Field
  • using Url Rewritting


  • Connecting a Filter with a Servlet
  • Connecting a Filter with multiple Servlets
  • Connecting a Filter with a Filter

Jakarta Server Page(formely Java Server Page) [JSP]

  • Understanding JSP
  • LifeCycle of JSP
  • Creating first Web Application Using JSP
  • JSP Implicit Objects

JSP Basic Tags

  • JSP Scriptlet Tag <% %>
  • JSP Expression Tag <%= %>
  • JSP DeclarationTag <%! %>
  • JSP CommentTag <%-- --%>

JSP Directive Tags

  • Understanding JSP Directive Tags <%@ %>
  • • Include Directive Tag <%@include %>
  • • Page Directive Tag <%@page %>
  • • Taglib Directive Tag <%@taglib %>

Exception Handling in JSP

Project Work

JSP Action Tags

  • JSP Forward with param Action
  • JSP Include with param Action
  • JSP UseBean Action
  • Understanding MVC in JSP

Custom Tags

  • Creating Your Own Tags

Using Tags of JSTL

Expression Language(EL)

File Uploading and Downloading

Java Mail API

Using Tags of JSTL


  • Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs


  • Apache Tomcat Server

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