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Curriculum- 27 Modules
Duration- 4 Months

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Course Description:

This course is complete java(Core + Advance + Struts) course.
Java is everywhere and is arguably the single most important technology out there. This course in Java programming is for serious developers. It aims to teach Java in a manner which will allow the student to write not only the correct Java but optimized, efficient and elegant code. This course starts uniquely with an introduction to the Java Virtual Machine and Java memory model which aims to lay foundation of the Java syntax to follow and then we start JEE. JEE is a collection of technologies and APIs for the Java platform designed to support Enterprise Applications. The Java EE platform provides runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure network applications.


Introduction to JAVA

  • What is JAVA
  • History and Features of JAVA
  • JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • JAVA Running Enviromentn (JRE)
  • Creating First Simple Java Program
  • JAVA Platform Independency
  • Fundamentals of JAVA
  • Data Types, Varialbles and Operators

Object Oriented Programming in JAVA

  • Overview of Object Oriented Programming
  • Objects and Classes
  • Defining your own class
  • Creating object of a class
  • Static Vs Instance members
  • Understanding Access Controls
  • Constructors in JAVA
  • Constructor Overloading
  • Method Overloading
  • Inheritance Basics
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Concept of Polymorphism
  • Method Overriding
  • Final Variables, Methods and Classes
  • Abstract Methods and Classes
  • Nested and Inner Classes
  • Defining Interfaces
  • Implementing Interfaces
  • Abstract Classes Vs Interface
  • Creating Packages
  • Importing a Package

Arrays and String

  • Creating Array
  • Array with functions
  • Multi Dimensional Array
  • Creating String
  • String Constructors
  • String Operations
  • Methods of String Class
  • Modifying a String
  • StringBuffer Class

Exception Handling

  • Understanding Exception
  • Exception Vs Errors
  • Using Try and Catch Block
  • Multiple Catch Blocks
  • Using Finally Block
  • Throw and Throws Statement
  • Creating Custom Exceptions

GUI Programming and Event Handling

  • AWT
  • Swing
  • Event Handling
  • Adapter Classes

Project Work

Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC)

  • Understanding JDBC and JDBC Architecturen
  • JDBC Drivers and Its Typess
  • Performing Database Operations
  • ResultSet Metadata
  • Prepared Statement
  • Batch Updates
  • Transactions


  • Concept of Multithreading
  • Creating a Thread
  • Thread methods
  • Synchronization
  • Interthread Communication
  • Deadlock


  • What is I/O
  • Byte and Character Streams
  • Scanner Class
  • File I/O
  • Byte Streams Classes for File I/O
  • Character Streams Classes for File I/O
  • Serialization
  • File Class
  • Stream Tockenizer
  • String Tockenizer


  • Networking Basics
  • Sockets
  • TCP/IP Client and Server Sockets
  • URLConnection and DatagramSocket
  • InetAddress


  • Understanding the need of Reflection
  • Creating an instance of a class using newInstance()
  • Get Super Classes of Class/Inteface
  • Get Class Fields
  • Get Class Methods
  • Get Class Constructors
  • Get Access Modifiers of a Class

Collection Framework

  • Collection Classes & Interfaces
  • Accessing a Collection via an Iterator
  • Accessing a Collection via an Enumeration
  • Working with Maps
  • The Legacy Classes and Interfaces

Internationalization (i18n)

  • Properties files
  • Locale Class
  • Creating an Application using i18n

Project Work

Advance JAVA

Introduction to JEE Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Overview of Static & Dynamic Web Applications

JEE Components and Containers

  • Web Components
  • Business Components
  • JEE Containers and its Types

JAVA Servlets

  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Advantages of Servlets
  • Servlet API
  • Servlet Lifecycle
  • Requests and Responses
  • Session Tracking
  • Servlet Config
  • Servlet Context
  • Servlet Collaboration
  • Event and Listener
  • Filters

Project Work

JAVA Server Pages(JSP)

  • JSP Architecture
  • JSP Objects
  • JSP Directives
  • Scripting Elements
  • Implicit Objects
  • Exception Handling
  • Action Elements
  • Custom Tags
  • Expression Language
  • Using tags of JSTL
  • MVC in JSP
  • File Uploading & Downloading

Project Work

Remote Method Invocation(RMI)

  • Distributed Applications
  • RMI Architecture
  • Stub & Skeleton
  • Creating RMI Application

Enterprise JAVA Beans(EJB)

  • Enterprise JavaBeans Vs JavaBeans
  • EJB Architecture
  • Session Beans
  • Message Driven Beans
  • JMS


  • Mail Protocols, Architecture
  • Java Mail API


  • My Eclipse
  • Net Beans

Web Server

  • Apache Tomcat Server

Application Server

  • Glassfish server, Weblogic Server etc

Project Work

Struts Framework

  • Creating Application using Struts