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A few words about us.


INCAPP is the group of professionals who are united together and working for the promotion of technology. We conduct Training Programs for professionals and engineering students.

We believe in staying ahead of competition and teach our students to become market ready with latest technical knowledge that help them to grow their career.

We cut the fees to economy size and let the economy class enter into the mystery world of IT industry. Because of affordability, we sustain in the market when big players vanish over short period of time.

Trainee's Testimonial


 Our Vision

INCAPP values and fosters superior levels of training participation and academic success among all tranees. Reaching out to and including all populations, we strive to provide an affordable and unparalleled learning experience in a supportive and caring environment that leads tranees to successfully complete their goals.

 Our Mission

We, at INCAPP, aim at creating a workforce of professionals with analytical skills who can dream of a better world and transform the dream into reality. We will create a dynamic and collaborative climate to broaden our tranees managerial competence and build an institute that is resilient, flexible and productive. We will be recognized for high ethical standards.